Warranty and Return
Warranty and Return
Warranty and Return

Applicable for:

Since buying date, the user enjoys one year free repair services under normal use. After one year, you will be charged according to the part cost of each component. In case change component part, we will charge according to company's cost list of component parts. The warranty shall not apply to following situations:

1.Damage caused by natural earthquake, rat plague and unnormal use.

2.Damage caused by improper transportation, fall down and storage.

3.Consumable component, such as spare parts, batteries, light bulbs, etc.

4.Warranty information record is not complete and without purchase date, shop seal, etc.

5.Using the product in special environment such as humidity, sulfur area, high salty and the ship, easy corrosion area, etc.

6.Do not comply with the instructions.

7.Special offer.

When return to factory for repair, the user should pack the LED lamp in an proper way to avoid any damage during the transportation.

The factory is not responsible for the damage caused by the user's improper disassemble.